Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 4 and a bit

This was taken on Sunday night when I should have been in Cardiff watching King Charles with Dan. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that instead, thanks to our shoddy car we spent the evening in a very dodgy car park, then a breakdown recovery van and then back home where this photo was taken while we were waiting for our 'poor us' pizza.

Something You Ate
This was a brownie cake made for us by the awesome Mrs over at Coomberism's Blog. By god that girl can bake! So well in fact that words may have been exchanged between me and Dan when I pretty much gobbled the last of it up without offering him any. I wish I could say I felt bad about this, but I really don't. It really was that good!
A photo of our money box. The contents of which will hopefully help fund a boundary fence outside the house. It sounds boring, but it doesn't have one currently and it looks AWFUL. 
Something You're Listening To
It's been Ben Howard again because we're off to see him play in Bristol tonight. This time hopefully, we'll make it! I'm fast approaching critical mass size-wise so this may well be my last gig in a very long time.
And there you have it. So endeth the February photo challenge. I feel as though I cheated a bit by posting once a week rather than each day, but I knew I wouldn't stick to it otherwise. 

Still, it's been fun. Hope it didn't bore you guys too much!

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Little Insight

A little light hearted fun for a Monday evening. I was tagged by the lovely Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn

The Rules
1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged!

Eleven Random Things About Myself
  1. I am pretty short, 5ft nothing to be precise.
  2. One of my favourite ways to accessorise is to paint my nails. However, I am TERRIBLE at it, even after years of practice.
  3. I hate my teeth, but feel too old for braces.
  4. After living in Wales for 21 years, waay out in the sticks, I thought moving to London was the best thing ever. I then spent the next two years dreaming about moving back to the country, surrounded by trees, birdsong and greenery. There's just no pleasing some people.
  5. I have my father's eyes,
  6. And my mum's cheekbones.
  7. I don't believe in god, Jesus, the devil, heaven or hell, but will use them as swear words. ALL the time.
  8. I swear more than I should.
  9. I can't do anything with my hair. 
  10. Despite hating it with a passion, I can't bring myself to delete my Facebook account. Or stop myself from checking it every day.
  11. I love Twitter.
My Questions from Fritha

1. What is your favourite food?
This is going to disgust a lot of people, but the truth of it is that my all time favourite food is a good old greasy donor kebab. With some cabbage and lemon juice. Lush. I don't eat too many though, for obvious reasons!
2. What makes you happiest?
Cuddles from Dan, crafting, listening to good music, sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee, feeling that you've got all the time in the world.
3. What was is your current obsession?
Pregnancy I'm afraid. I'm due in a few weeks so I'm desperately trying to get myself organised and it's just not happening.
4. What was the first gig you went to?
Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is interesting seeing as I can't stand them.
5. What was your worst job?
Without a shadow of a doubt, it was working for a company selling international phone cards in London. The hours were horrible, the commute was long, the people were mean and I was very unhappy. But I was young and inexperienced so I took a lot of crap before I eventually plucked up the courage to leave.
6. What is one song you feel most connected to?
Easy! It has to be "Go Your Own Way" It's a song that I've loved with ever since I found my mum's old Fleetwood Mac record. And I am absolutely stoked that Lissie has released a cover which is simply awesome. It's going on Pip's playlist for sure.

7. If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Vancouver in Canada. It's such a beautiful place, full of some of the friendliest people you could ever meet.
8. What inspires you?
Music, crafts, other people's blogs and the countryside.
9. What's your favourite way to celebrate?
Eat some good food and drink some good plonk!
10. If there was one thing you could tell your 16 year old self what would it be?
"Hold on. It all gets better. And be nicer to mum"
11. What would your super power be?
To fly! I dream sometimes that I can fly and when I do, it always leaves me feeling really peaceful and free. I get quite annoyed when I wake up and remember that I'm stuck on the ground with just my little legs to get me about.

Eleven Questions For Those I've Tagged

1. What would be your ideal job?
2. What's your guilty pleasure music-wise?
3. What's your favourite way to pass the time?
4. What's your biggest pet peeve?
5. Facebook or Twitter?
6. What makes you laugh?
7. Describe an ideal day.
8. What's your biggest achievement to date?
9. Dresses or jeans?
10. If you could create a new law, what would it be?
11. Favourite holiday? (Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc)

And I tag..

Sunday, 26 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 4

I couldn't think of anything to write, so in the end I went for this Dr Seuss quote which I love. So true.

A fave photo of you
I think I was about eight years old in this photo and I remember it being taken. We'd gone for a picnic by a river with some friends and their family and I was trying (and failing) to sink the some water skaters with a piece of grass. Our friend's dad was a bit of a shutter bug and took this when I wasn't looking. I was too shy to let him take any more photos afterwards!

Where you work
I've cheated with this photo. I completely forgot to take a photo of where I worked, so this photo will have to do. It was actually taken on my last day in the office, as you can see I was very busy tying up loose ends, tidying my desk, writing handover notes and er..dressing up in a spandex skeleton onesie. As you do. But still,  it was taken in the office next to my desk so this is sort of where I work..or where I used to work..where I will work again. You get the idea.

Your shoes
I've been living in these boots throughout this pregnancy and they're starting to look a bit battered. They're so comfy though.

Inside your bathroom cabinet
I've been dreading taking this pic. Our cabinet is disgusting and keeps getting mould inside it. Please don't look too hard for that - it's due a clean!

This is an ironic photo as it shows something that should be green, but as you can see is actually brown, brown, brown. *Glares at the chickens*

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bump update - 9 months

It's all getting so close now! As of 5.30pm this Friday, I will be a free woman. For the next ten months anyway. Of course there will be a fair amount of work involved during those ten months, but let's not spoil it and just concentrate on the free woman bit. 
By the end of this week I will also be 37 weeks which will mean Pip will be full term. If I go into labour from Saturday, she won't be considered premature, just a little early. Woah.

I was laughing in this photo because my belly button looks bloody ridiculous. It's the cherry on top of the baby cake.

I simply cannot wait to start maternity leave. I mentioned in my last update that the pelvic pain had ramped up a notch. Well it's done so again. I can't drive at all now and Dan's had to move into the spare room temporarily to give me more room in bed. Bizarrely, the pain's worse when I'm lying down. I hate going to bed at the moment and as I'm not sleeping great, I'm usually tired and a bit grumpy. I've basically turned into an 85 year old woman!
There is a name for it, this pain. Symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD and I've been told that it should go away once Pip's born. I hope really so! I have to be honest though, I felt a whole lot better just knowing that it wasn't all in my head and to have the midwife finally take me seriously.

It's not just the pelvic pain that's moved up a gear this month either. Everything seems to happening all at once now. We had our antenatal classes (some were better than others if I'm honest) and our tour of the maternity unit. The unit is quite small, but cosy and very hot! When we went there I was moments from ripping my dress off in the water birthing room. I can't have a water birth unfortunately due to the epilepsy, but that's ok. My main worry was that they would want me on my back on the bed, all covered in monitors. What I really want to do is have the freedom to move about and just do what comes naturally. Thankfully, they are extremely supportive of this and so I'm no longer afraid of the labour part..just what comes afterwards!

Other than that little lot, this past month has included the following; swollen hands, swollen feet, itchy belly, LOTS of this body butter (amazing stuff), getting upset that I can only fit into a tiny portion of my wardrobe, oranges, knitting and braxton hicks.

Whether there will be a ten months bump update is anyone's guess, but I promise you all that once my maternity leave starts, I will do everything I can to sit back, relax and just enjoy the ride.

What's left of it anyway!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 3

If I find myself with a few spare minutes these days, this is usually what I can be found doing.

A cup covered in hearts and full of something that I love to boot. Perfect.

I love my phone. I take photos with it, check Twitter with it, organise my life with it. What I rarely use it for is sending messages and talking to people. Hmm.

Something new
Someone awesome bought me this litter picker! I'd been moaning to her about how much dropped food had to remain on the floor these days (I'm of the "5 second rule" school of thought), as I can no longer bend over. No longer a problem! So far I have retrieved nuts, grapes, a lost button (which I thought was a grape), two pens and a ruler. I love this thing!

Next week will be my last week in the office for some time. Eeep!

Ok, so you've got a photo of my drink and snacks here. Lucky you. The drink is raspberry leaf tea. It supposedly helps your uterus get into shape for labour. No idea if there's any truth in that, but I'll take any help I can get. Also, it's kind of yummy.

Something you hate to do
I hate, hate, HATE doing the washing up. Usually Dan and I take it turns, one of us washing up and the other cleaning out the cat's litter tray. However preggos should avoid cat poop so now he does that every day and I do this crap. There are a load of cups and plates in this pic as we had my Dad over which meant that a lot of tea and tiger bread was consumed. Happy days.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Chickens: thought of the day

Do not let them in to the house or feed them jam doughnuts. They will never forget it.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 2

On Monday Dan made pie and mash for dinner. And it was goood.

My little jar of buttons, the colours make me happy.

A cold, winter afternoon

Front door
We have the dullest front door in Britain, therefore you get a pic of our knocker instead. 
A knocker that nobody uses, enjoy.

Self Portrait
Dorky pic of me looking (and feeling) a bit awkward.

Makes you happy
Well it has to be this numpty doesn't it. He's pretty much the only person who can have me crying with laughter at myself minutes after I've been close to tears because I can't put my own socks on.

Inside your closet
It's looking a bit empty, (and dare I say, tidy) as a lot of our clothes are in the wash at the moment. It's only a small wardrobe and it's usually rammed.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The King's got the moves

This here is King Charles and he's a bit awesome. 

I've had this song stuck in my head all day and I really don't know what I love the most, the song itself, or him dancing to it.

I warn you however, it's addictive!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

4 Simple Goals - February

Make curtains for bedroom
Yes, this is back on the list. I hate these curtains. Read below to find out why.

Take regular time out to just relax
I've got five weeks until Pip's due so I need to take advantage of this quiet time while I can! 

Complete at least two assignments
I took some time off from my dressmaking course time over Christmas and have managed to forget all about it since then. I was only supposed to take off two weeks and yet here we are in February!  I
 desperately need to get back in to the swing this.

Download more music on my iPod
Yes I know this is boring, but there's so much music I want to get on there and I just never get around to it. I want to sort out some playlists too and get busy listening to some toones.

Last month's goals - January

1. Fix the kitchen wall I destroyed
Done! It still needs painting, but the wall now has it's hole filled in and is all papered up again. I have to admit, I have the husband to thank for this. He has been nothing short of awesome.

2. Make a curtain for our bedroom
Nope, no where near. Not even close. We got some lovely fabric, I got my scissors out and then it all went wrong. I realised I hadn't ordered enough, I cut the fabric the wrong way into the pattern, had to make the curtains smaller than I wanted and forgot to add the lining to one of them to boot. It did not go well and there was a lot of swearing. A LOT.

3. Put up a door curtain in the hallway to keep out the draughts
Done and just in time because the weather dropped and it really has made a difference.

4. Make a draft excluder, again to keep out those bloody draughts!
And yet again, done! It sits in the hallway with the curtain and now instead of having the North Pole as our hallway, it's just a bloody cold hallway instead. It may not sound it, but it's an instant improvement.

All in all then, not bad. I think I would've completed them all too if I hadn't stupidly ordered too little fabric for the damned curtains. Who knows, maybe I can make February the first month that I complete all four goals!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 1

February! Already!! Where is the time going??

The start of this month only means one thing to me, my birthday! 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do anything due to not being able to move very much. This past week has been a painful and highly uncomfortable one, but we won't dwell on that. I booked the day off work and despite not actually doing anything, managed to relax and enjoy myself lots. Dan also helped me make this chococinno birthday cake in the evening which was beyond delicious - needless to say it's all gone now. 

February Photo Challenge

The start of the month also saw me stumble across this post about a photo challenge on Little Green Shed's blog. It seemed like such a fun thing to do so I decided to follow suit. However, I am far too lazy these days to post a photo every day so have decided instead to take a photo each day and then do a weekly update. Much easier. 

Your view today
No matter where I am or what I'm doing, this is what I see. 
I treated myself to a copy of Lionheart Magazine. It's the first issue and features a couple of bloggers I follow and you know what? It's really rather good! If  you're curious, click here and treat yourself to a copy. I heartily recommend it!
Another birthday, another ring. In this photo the ring was actually stuck. I tried it on to see if it went with my outfit (it didn't) and then tried to take it off again (I couldn't). Queue ten minutes of quiet panic and a slightly purple finger before it finally gave.
Stupid pregnant sausage hands. 

A stranger
Pip may have been 'the little dude in my tummy' for the past eight and a half months, but she's still a stranger. I have no idea who she is or what she looks like. I just know she likes to wiggle. A lot.
This was how 10am looked for me this morning. Sunny, warm and chilled. A perfect Sunday morning.

And that was week one. Tune in next Sunday for the next seven photos in the challenge!

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