Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Great Welsh Experiment

Over the last three months there have been massive changes going on here which I've only been able to allude to for fear of jinxing things. So it is with no small amount of relief that I can finally shout (or type in very annoying capital letters), WE'RE MOVING BACK TO WALES!

Oh that felt good.

We've sold the house, quit our jobs and all being well we should be moving in to a beautiful little cottage in a few weeks time. It feels like it's taken an age to get to this point, when in fact it's only taken us three months. And by the time we move in, it will be just over four, which is actually insane. 

This is also why I've been letting The Dress Tree cruise on auto pilot over the last couple of months, so I could focus on the challenge that is chasing estate agents/solicitors, cleaning, clearing, traveling to and from Wales and school hunting. I'll be back on it once we're settled and will be listing new things again in May.

As for now, the rest of March is looking to be a blur of packing, cleaning and tying up loose ends. Oh and Alessi's birthday is in there too somewhere to add an extra dusting of chaos.

There's going to be a lot of change and muddling through. Not knowing if this will work for us long term. And for once, I'm at ease with the not knowing.

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