Monday, 28 February 2011

NOT the colour purple

So I dyed my hair purple over the weekend..

Does this look purple to you??

They may as well have called it "Exactly The Same Shade As Your Current Hair Colour, Just Slightly Darker".
Oh well. I only did it for a bit of fun and it did the trick. Also, is it just me or do my hands look really strange in that second picture? The more I look at them, the weirder they get.

Oh and by the way, I'm sat in my bedroom with the window open at the moment. I can feel the cool air in the room and guess what? I'm not cold!

Spring's a coming folks.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Project Wednesday - update three

Right, we're back on track.
Sort of.

Back when I wrote my first Project Wednesday post I touched on how nervous I was about attacking the kitchen wall in case I mucked it up. 

Well, I mucked it up.

Long (and boring) story short, I did a bit and then decided that I'd end up pissing the neighbours off too much with the noise to make it worth while. Plus I didn't like what I saw underneath the plaster anyway, so I stopped.

Unfortunately this doesn't mean that I've finished with this project. Oh no. It just means that it's changed slightly. Instead of exposing the brick, I now have to fix it and make it all pretty again. Urgh.

Oh well, it's better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven't. That's what they say isn't it? 

Well "they" suck if you ask me. And so do stupid kitchen walls.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Today was a miserable day. It was a Monday, which is never a good start, but it was also grey and raining.

Due to my accident last week I couldn't drive to work and the bloke was in London so I had to bus it. Always a guaranteed way to put me in a stinker of a mood first thing in the morning. I don't mind getting buses, but I particularly hate the bus that goes from my village to the Uni. It's always late, cold, the driver's always grumpy and the students rude and annoying.

Anyhoo, I digress.

I don't know if it was because it was a Monday, or because the weather was so miserable, but by mid-morning I'd started to day dream about a bacon butty. Then it turned into a chip butty and then I merged the two food fantasies together and started dreaming about a bacon AND chip butty. And that was that.
I don't think I concentrated on anything for more than a couple of minutes after that until I got home and made myself these.

Cheese topped rolls full of salty chips and bacon. HEAVEN.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

What a week!

This has not been a great week for me. First I came down with the plague flu and then, well let's just say I had an accident. An accident which scared the bejesus out of me and the bloke and saw me quite out of it for a day or two. 
All in all it seems I've spent the majority of the past week in bed, although granted I didn't look half as glamourous as Holly Golightly here. 

More's the pity.

Monday, 14 February 2011

10 Things I Love

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day I thought I'd share with you a list of things that I currently love. 

1) My bloke.

2) Chickens! Yes I know I don't have any yet. Trust me, I am very aware of this. But I love them anyway.

3) Vintage fabrics. I'm trawling about, trying to find some and the moment and this is one of the loveliest prints I've come across.

4) Lissie. I cannot get listen to her album enough at the moment. Seriously, I'm listening to it now.

5) Tea. Despite the blog name, you can't beat a good cuppa when you're feeling stressed/tired/sad/happy/whatever.

6) Planning future adventures - we have lots planned, but no money so this picture tickled me.

7) Nachos! I love, love, love these and am a little bit hooked.

8) Sunshine - I can't tell you how good it feels to feel sunshine on my face again and know that spring is just around the corner.

9) Crochet - I couldn't find a photo of this so I picked this one of a girl knitting. Pretty aint it? I'm crocheting a granny square blanket at the's only taken me two years to get this far!

 10) Snowdrops - Another sign that spring is around the corner. And at this time of year I cherish them all.

All images from weheartit (except the top one)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Girl Interrupted

It's been a weird kind of week. I had a tonne of things I planned to do and didn't get any of them done. I'm blaming this on catching some kind of bug. Last night was the first uninterrupted nights sleep I've had in a few days and I feel a world better for it.

So, now that regular service has resumed once more, here's another video clip, this time of a song I love by Caitlin Rose (Myspace page here). She was on the radio this morning and although I love her music, I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed with her interview. To be fair, she's also ill and probably jet lagged to boot, but still. There were moments when I wanted to shout at the radio "oh for God's sake love, at least pretend that you want to be there!".

But please don't let my little rant put you off having a listen. This song is just lovely and she is a very talented young woman. If you enjoy this song even a little it, then I would seriously urge you to check out her other stuff.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Project Wednesday - update two

Phase two of my wardrobe overhaul is complete. Well mostly. I made myself a jewellery organiser, look. 
Isn't it pretty?

Going through my shoe box of crap jewellery made me realise how much jewellery crap I've been holding on to. I need to go through it and do the whole 'keep/recycle/give away' thing with it too. Urgh, this project seemed like such a good idea at the time. Now it's getting boring already. It's just tidying up, but with clothes. Or in this case, jewellery.

Note to self, no more projects that involve tidying up. 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday rambles

So as planned, the bloke and I went to the Library and to prove that I'm not just all talk, here is a pic of me searching for books. I really wanted to sit on the floor in the kids section and read Horrible History books, but alas, it was full of kids and as I have none, it thought it might look a bit odd.

So that was yesterday. Today I made myself a jewellery organiser which I'm all kinds of chuffed with. I'll post photos of it later in the week though as it's one of my Project Wednesday tasks. 

And now I'm off to enjoy what's left of my weekend, Sunday night has arrived all too soon.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Save Our Libraries

So did anyone know that tomorrow is National Save our Libraries day here in the UK?


Well neither did I until it was brought to my attention an hour or so ago. When I lived in Wales I used to love going to the local Library. It wasn't a stuffy "everyone must ssh" kind of a place either. It was really cozy with a good mix of people and it always smelled of polished wood. The lady who worked there loved a good polishing session and even started a knitting group there. Good times.

When we moved here I made sure I joined the Library in town and while that one is not under threat of closure (thank god!), the bloke and I will be heading down there tomorrow to borrow some books and show our support. If you're interested and want to know more watch this video. Better yet, get yourself down to your local Library if you can and borrow a book or two!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Project Wednesday - update one

Wardrobe Overhaul Update

So phase one is complete. I sorted through all my clothes and this is the result. To the left, a pile of clothes that I don't want to get rid of, but will need to take scissors and thread to before I can start wearing them again. To the right, the pile of clothes that I do actually wear and in the middle, a bag of clothes which will shortly be making it's way to our local charity shop.
Oh and also in the middle is my fedora, which isn't going anywhere because it's ace like space.

Now that the wardrobe is all nice and tidy again, the next phase will be to sort out a way of organising my jewellery. The current method involves a large shoebox and not much else. Storing them like this has resulted in a mass of entangled chains, hooks and beads which makes my head hurt each time I look at it. 

So yup, I'll save that little lot for 'Phase Two'. I can't wait.

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