Sunday, 13 February 2011

Girl Interrupted

It's been a weird kind of week. I had a tonne of things I planned to do and didn't get any of them done. I'm blaming this on catching some kind of bug. Last night was the first uninterrupted nights sleep I've had in a few days and I feel a world better for it.

So, now that regular service has resumed once more, here's another video clip, this time of a song I love by Caitlin Rose (Myspace page here). She was on the radio this morning and although I love her music, I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed with her interview. To be fair, she's also ill and probably jet lagged to boot, but still. There were moments when I wanted to shout at the radio "oh for God's sake love, at least pretend that you want to be there!".

But please don't let my little rant put you off having a listen. This song is just lovely and she is a very talented young woman. If you enjoy this song even a little it, then I would seriously urge you to check out her other stuff.

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