Sunday, 25 September 2011

So it's autumn

I'm still finding it rather surreal that I've missed an entire season from my blog and I confess I'm finding it rather hard to find my feet again.

When I signed off things were growing in the garden. My pumpkins were teeny tiny and now look at them!
Unfortunately I have no photos of anything I did during the summer as I was either feeling too gross, moaning about feeling gross or sleeping.

That said things are back to normal now and just in time too. Autumn is my favourite season and I intend to squeeze every last drop of autumnal goodness out of it that I can. Pumpkin pies, hot chocolates, walks in the woods, candles, curling up on the sofa with knitting. The works.

In fact I think I'm going to start by curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate in hand and The Princess Bride on the telly box. Oh yes.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I'm back!

Oh my gosh, the last time I posted it was the middle of summer. That seems like such a long, long time ago.

However, I can now reveal the reason for my absence..

Now I know they say that life happens when you're busy making other plans, but this is ridiculous! Dan and I didn't even think we could have kids so this was something of a surprise.

I guess the funniest thing about it all is that yet again, plans of setting up my own business are having to be temporarily shelved. This time however, I don't mind one bit. It's not a dream I'll ever give up on and I know I will make it will happen one day.

So that's my little bit of news. How is everyone? Did you all enjoy your summers?

Kim x

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