Monday, 28 March 2016


She's longer, leaner and a hell of a lot sassier than she was this time last year.

Still very much in to Frozen and all things princessy, but this doesn't irk me the way it once did. She's confident and has a healthy outlook so if she wants to wear a princess dress and sing Let it Go (that song will not fucking die) then I'm not going to stop her.
In fact what irk me that it's ok for girls to do what the boys do, but god forbid a little boy put on a tutu or play with a doll. So I've decided that if Alessi wants to embrace all things that are traditionally 'girly', fuck it. She is a girl and that's not something to be ashamed of. If we make being a girly girl to seem like such a bad thing to our kids at such a young age then maybe we are as much a part of the problem as those idiots that say "no she can't". But I'm veering wildly off track, so I will save that rant for another day.

She had her first proper party this weekend, complete with bouncy castle, cocktail sausages and friends from nursery. It was crazy and I barely saw her in the tea making/food organising haze. Those moments where I did snatch a glance at her, what I saw made me so happy. There she was, confident and happy, surrounded by her friends and just being Roo. A happy kid.

Some of the things she loves at the moment are:

Brown Bear, her ever faithful partner in crime and squashy pillow
Cheese, forever with the cheese
Disney princesses (current faves include Elsa, Anna and Merida)
Playing with her dolls house
Fighting her Dad. He barely gets in from work before "DADDY, FIGHT!"
And luckily for me, cuddles. May she never grow out of those

And for balance, some things that she's not so keen on:

Jeans (or any trousers that aren't leggings - too lumpy)
Clothes that are brown
Wearing pants
Having her hair brushed

In just over five months she starts school. Holy shit. Moving on quickly..

Happy birthday my little firecracker. Love your face to the moon and back.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

And the winner is..

Lisa Warner!

Two goodie bags will also be winging their way to Sarah of Mostly Yummy and Caleigh very soon. 

Congratulations ladies and thank you to everyone who took part and helped to make this the best giveaway yet!

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