Monday, 14 February 2011

10 Things I Love

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day I thought I'd share with you a list of things that I currently love. 

1) My bloke.

2) Chickens! Yes I know I don't have any yet. Trust me, I am very aware of this. But I love them anyway.

3) Vintage fabrics. I'm trawling about, trying to find some and the moment and this is one of the loveliest prints I've come across.

4) Lissie. I cannot get listen to her album enough at the moment. Seriously, I'm listening to it now.

5) Tea. Despite the blog name, you can't beat a good cuppa when you're feeling stressed/tired/sad/happy/whatever.

6) Planning future adventures - we have lots planned, but no money so this picture tickled me.

7) Nachos! I love, love, love these and am a little bit hooked.

8) Sunshine - I can't tell you how good it feels to feel sunshine on my face again and know that spring is just around the corner.

9) Crochet - I couldn't find a photo of this so I picked this one of a girl knitting. Pretty aint it? I'm crocheting a granny square blanket at the's only taken me two years to get this far!

 10) Snowdrops - Another sign that spring is around the corner. And at this time of year I cherish them all.

All images from weheartit (except the top one)

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