Friday, 4 February 2011

Save Our Libraries

So did anyone know that tomorrow is National Save our Libraries day here in the UK?


Well neither did I until it was brought to my attention an hour or so ago. When I lived in Wales I used to love going to the local Library. It wasn't a stuffy "everyone must ssh" kind of a place either. It was really cozy with a good mix of people and it always smelled of polished wood. The lady who worked there loved a good polishing session and even started a knitting group there. Good times.

When we moved here I made sure I joined the Library in town and while that one is not under threat of closure (thank god!), the bloke and I will be heading down there tomorrow to borrow some books and show our support. If you're interested and want to know more watch this video. Better yet, get yourself down to your local Library if you can and borrow a book or two!


  1. I hate libraries because they won't let me keep the books:P

    Also, how the hell do I comment on this thing/ I have a blog too, why can't I use that profile to log in? And why am I so stupid?
    Oh yeah, maybe because I don't visit the loibrary enough:(


  2. Or maybe you've had too much port you daft old mare! x


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