Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Project Wednesday - update one

Wardrobe Overhaul Update

So phase one is complete. I sorted through all my clothes and this is the result. To the left, a pile of clothes that I don't want to get rid of, but will need to take scissors and thread to before I can start wearing them again. To the right, the pile of clothes that I do actually wear and in the middle, a bag of clothes which will shortly be making it's way to our local charity shop.
Oh and also in the middle is my fedora, which isn't going anywhere because it's ace like space.

Now that the wardrobe is all nice and tidy again, the next phase will be to sort out a way of organising my jewellery. The current method involves a large shoebox and not much else. Storing them like this has resulted in a mass of entangled chains, hooks and beads which makes my head hurt each time I look at it. 

So yup, I'll save that little lot for 'Phase Two'. I can't wait.

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