Sunday, 5 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 1

February! Already!! Where is the time going??

The start of this month only means one thing to me, my birthday! 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do anything due to not being able to move very much. This past week has been a painful and highly uncomfortable one, but we won't dwell on that. I booked the day off work and despite not actually doing anything, managed to relax and enjoy myself lots. Dan also helped me make this chococinno birthday cake in the evening which was beyond delicious - needless to say it's all gone now. 

February Photo Challenge

The start of the month also saw me stumble across this post about a photo challenge on Little Green Shed's blog. It seemed like such a fun thing to do so I decided to follow suit. However, I am far too lazy these days to post a photo every day so have decided instead to take a photo each day and then do a weekly update. Much easier. 

Your view today
No matter where I am or what I'm doing, this is what I see. 
I treated myself to a copy of Lionheart Magazine. It's the first issue and features a couple of bloggers I follow and you know what? It's really rather good! If  you're curious, click here and treat yourself to a copy. I heartily recommend it!
Another birthday, another ring. In this photo the ring was actually stuck. I tried it on to see if it went with my outfit (it didn't) and then tried to take it off again (I couldn't). Queue ten minutes of quiet panic and a slightly purple finger before it finally gave.
Stupid pregnant sausage hands. 

A stranger
Pip may have been 'the little dude in my tummy' for the past eight and a half months, but she's still a stranger. I have no idea who she is or what she looks like. I just know she likes to wiggle. A lot.
This was how 10am looked for me this morning. Sunny, warm and chilled. A perfect Sunday morning.

And that was week one. Tune in next Sunday for the next seven photos in the challenge!


  1. Ooh I want to play photo feb too! What a great Idea!

    1. I must remember to take tonight's picture. Dinner..pie and mash!

  2. Oh belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope you feel better soon! The cake looks yummy! I hadn't heard of that magazine, it looks good though, I may check it out!

    1. Thanks hun, the cake was lush. I really miss it so might have to another one soon!


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