Friday, 27 January 2012

Oh dear..

Just look at the state of my garden!

If I'm honest, I did think twice about posting this pic. I know winter takes it's toll on even the best kept garden, but I have completely neglected mine and this photo is nothing short of embarrassing.

Of course regularly letting the chickens out of their coop to tear it up and poop all over it hasn't helped either. Or maybe it has I don't know. Their constant raking has taken up all the moss for me (thanks girls) and chicken poop makes excellent fertiliser.

This year is going to be something of a write off as far as gardening goes though.
I've totally taken after my mum with my love of gardening. I'm not an expert by any long shot and my little projects aren't always successful, (don't even get me started on last year's gherkins)!
But I do love it and the thought of not spending as much time out in the garden this spring does make me feel a bit antsy and a wee bit sad if I'm honest.

I know I have to keep it simple this year. I'll just find something hardy to fill up the veggie patch. Grow a few of the old faithfuls perhaps? Some sunflowers and pumpkins and just focus on getting the lawn back to some level or normality. And then? Perhaps just lots of lounging in the garden as opposed to working in it instead.
Well, as much lounging as Pip is going to allow anyway!

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