Thursday, 9 February 2012

4 Simple Goals - February

Make curtains for bedroom
Yes, this is back on the list. I hate these curtains. Read below to find out why.

Take regular time out to just relax
I've got five weeks until Pip's due so I need to take advantage of this quiet time while I can! 

Complete at least two assignments
I took some time off from my dressmaking course time over Christmas and have managed to forget all about it since then. I was only supposed to take off two weeks and yet here we are in February!  I
 desperately need to get back in to the swing this.

Download more music on my iPod
Yes I know this is boring, but there's so much music I want to get on there and I just never get around to it. I want to sort out some playlists too and get busy listening to some toones.

Last month's goals - January

1. Fix the kitchen wall I destroyed
Done! It still needs painting, but the wall now has it's hole filled in and is all papered up again. I have to admit, I have the husband to thank for this. He has been nothing short of awesome.

2. Make a curtain for our bedroom
Nope, no where near. Not even close. We got some lovely fabric, I got my scissors out and then it all went wrong. I realised I hadn't ordered enough, I cut the fabric the wrong way into the pattern, had to make the curtains smaller than I wanted and forgot to add the lining to one of them to boot. It did not go well and there was a lot of swearing. A LOT.

3. Put up a door curtain in the hallway to keep out the draughts
Done and just in time because the weather dropped and it really has made a difference.

4. Make a draft excluder, again to keep out those bloody draughts!
And yet again, done! It sits in the hallway with the curtain and now instead of having the North Pole as our hallway, it's just a bloody cold hallway instead. It may not sound it, but it's an instant improvement.

All in all then, not bad. I think I would've completed them all too if I hadn't stupidly ordered too little fabric for the damned curtains. Who knows, maybe I can make February the first month that I complete all four goals!


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