Sunday, 19 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 3

If I find myself with a few spare minutes these days, this is usually what I can be found doing.

A cup covered in hearts and full of something that I love to boot. Perfect.

I love my phone. I take photos with it, check Twitter with it, organise my life with it. What I rarely use it for is sending messages and talking to people. Hmm.

Something new
Someone awesome bought me this litter picker! I'd been moaning to her about how much dropped food had to remain on the floor these days (I'm of the "5 second rule" school of thought), as I can no longer bend over. No longer a problem! So far I have retrieved nuts, grapes, a lost button (which I thought was a grape), two pens and a ruler. I love this thing!

Next week will be my last week in the office for some time. Eeep!

Ok, so you've got a photo of my drink and snacks here. Lucky you. The drink is raspberry leaf tea. It supposedly helps your uterus get into shape for labour. No idea if there's any truth in that, but I'll take any help I can get. Also, it's kind of yummy.

Something you hate to do
I hate, hate, HATE doing the washing up. Usually Dan and I take it turns, one of us washing up and the other cleaning out the cat's litter tray. However preggos should avoid cat poop so now he does that every day and I do this crap. There are a load of cups and plates in this pic as we had my Dad over which meant that a lot of tea and tiger bread was consumed. Happy days.

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