Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February photo challenge - Week 4 and a bit

This was taken on Sunday night when I should have been in Cardiff watching King Charles with Dan. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that instead, thanks to our shoddy car we spent the evening in a very dodgy car park, then a breakdown recovery van and then back home where this photo was taken while we were waiting for our 'poor us' pizza.

Something You Ate
This was a brownie cake made for us by the awesome Mrs over at Coomberism's Blog. By god that girl can bake! So well in fact that words may have been exchanged between me and Dan when I pretty much gobbled the last of it up without offering him any. I wish I could say I felt bad about this, but I really don't. It really was that good!
A photo of our money box. The contents of which will hopefully help fund a boundary fence outside the house. It sounds boring, but it doesn't have one currently and it looks AWFUL. 
Something You're Listening To
It's been Ben Howard again because we're off to see him play in Bristol tonight. This time hopefully, we'll make it! I'm fast approaching critical mass size-wise so this may well be my last gig in a very long time.
And there you have it. So endeth the February photo challenge. I feel as though I cheated a bit by posting once a week rather than each day, but I knew I wouldn't stick to it otherwise. 

Still, it's been fun. Hope it didn't bore you guys too much!


  1. I will bring brownie with me when I come to meet pip x

  2. YAY!! Seriously, I am seriously in love with the stuff. :D



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