Friday, 2 March 2012

4 Simple Goals - March

"Who knows, maybe I can make February the first month that I complete all four goals!"


But more on that in a moment, first, here are my goals for the lovely month of March.

Make curtains for our bedroom
Yes this one is still here, shurrup. February just didn't happen. First I had no money to buy the fabric needed, then I got paid and finally bought more, only for there to be a mix up which delayed the delivery. By the time I got it, there were only two days of February left and I was too busy not reaching another of my "simple goals" to focus on the curtain. So here we go again. 

Curtains for Pip's room
I know right? I can't even get one set of curtains made in a month and yet in March I want to get two pairs made. Ha! We'll see. The nursery does need them though. There's nothing in there at the moment curtain-wise and as I intend to use it for night feeds, I'd like to put something up to stop the neighbours getting an eye full!

Finish course
Just two assignments and the final exam left and then I'm done. COME ON!

Get garden sorted for spring
I told myself that I'd leave the garden alone this year as there's just no way I'll have the energy to do anything with it. But it's March and I can't remember the last time I didn't do some kind of spring time prep at this time of year. Ignoring the urge to get out in the garden and dig something up just feels wrong. 
Obviously it's an urge I'm going to have to ignore, but there are some bits I can still do and I've never had a spring where sunflower seeds were not planted. Even when we lived in an attic flat and only had a window ledge. So that's happening. 

Ok. Let's get this over with..

Last month's goals - February

1. Make curtains for bedroom
Well as you've already seen from my March goals above, this one was a massive fail. Not even started. 

2. Take time out to relax
Unfortunately nope. I was still working until nearly the end of the month and instead of it getting easier, I found it actually got busier and more stressful. I'm SO glad to be on maternity leave now. Although I'm still making myself daily to do lists as I just don't feel organised yet. I just want to feel that I'm ready for her and then I will stop and do sweet bog all..honest. So with regards to this goal, fail, fail, fail.

3. Complete 2 assignments
I completed and passed one, but I'm still in the process of doing the second. I just find it really hard to stay motivated as this one is all about fashion design and I'm just not in to it. I even tried to distract myself earlier by taking a random pic for you. Total fail.

4. Download more music on to iPod
Nope. I got as far as making a list of the music I want to put on there, but kept telling myself it was something I'd do later..and then never did. Yet another complete fail.

So there you have it. Instead of getting better and reaching all of my goals (shouldn't be hard considering there's only four and they're supposed to be "simple"), I failed to reach any of them. Come of folks, say it with me..


  1. I think that's at least 3 or 4 months worth of stuff right there. I ended up buying blinds for Bugs room! Now I'm glad I did...I used the fabric to make a new liner for the moses basket...much easier! x

  2. I know right?? I really need to sit down and rethink my definition of the word "simple".


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