Saturday, 25 July 2015

Camping Wishlist

It's that time of year again and that means lugging the camping gear down from the attic, dusting it off and wondering for the millionth time where the bloody poles/tent pegs/sleeping bags are.

In a week's time we'll be taking Alessi to her first festival and I cannot flipping wait! We have decided though that our current tent is on the small side for the three of us so have decided to upgrade. WOO!
We had a look over the weekend and decided that we wanted one that a) had a separate area for Alessi to sleep in, b) had a living area large enough to hang out in comfortably when the weather turns sour and c) something big enough for Dan to stand up in without hitting his head. We've found one that fits the bill perfectly. Now if Millets can just pull their fingers out and send it out that would be bloody awesome.

As my visual wish list at the top of this post shows, some of the other things I'm convinced we need* are:
  1. Camping table
  2. Head torch
  3. Gardening trolley - yes we're becoming those campers that pull their kid around a festival site in a trolley. Not even remotely sorry.
  4. Tent - Millets, I'm looking at you guys here. Fingers. Pull them out.
  5. Glow sticks - FANTASTIC means of distraction and amusement for children after dark
  6. Flexi bucket because they are so useful to lug stuff about it. 
  7. Kettle - my last one broke and I get ragey without coffee. Even at a festival.
  8. Cupboard unit - Ok so you may have noticed that not all of these things are essential for camping at a festival. I still want one of these things though for general camping. I am beyond sick of having bags, plates, food etc littering the living area. Not to mention tripping over the lot of it during night time loo trips. I need one of these cupboard things.
  9. Portable phone charger. Because duh.
I have to admit. As well as being super excited to take Alessi, I'm also a little anxious. Not that it will be stressful, but that she won't enjoy herself. I remember the last time I felt like this was when I first went camping with Dan. I was convinced he'd hate it and I'll never forget how happy it made me when he said he genuinely enjoyed it. And baring in mind his first camping experience was a Glastonbury festival which was a complete wash out, that was really something!
I really hope Alessi loves this as much as I do because it would be something great to share together in years to come. She loves camping in general though so hopefully she'll love this experience too. 

Fingers crossed!

*The husband questions my use of the word "need" here.

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