Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Dress Tree Style - Leopard Print Kimono

Wow. I've been utterly blown away by the shop love these past few weeks guys! It's been keeping me really busy which is why the blog has been quieter than usual. And I'm in no way complaining. 
I can barely get my head around the fact that there are real life people out there wearing the clothes I've made. It blows my mind!

It's just once again made me realise how incredibly lucky I am to have the chance to do this and how much I love it. 

Modelling the wares though? Yeah not so much. This photo was taken during our stay in Wales and Dan took about 5 before this one, all of me standing there looking all kinds of awkward. What got this photo was Pip calling my name and me calling back and smiling at her. Note to self: Must. Try. Harder.

So. The leopard print kimono. This is how it looks off the hanger. And this is the point I would usually point you in the direction of my shop, tell you how many pennies they are and invite you to take a look.

However, there are none left. But hey, at least you know how the look on now eh?

Until next time!

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