Saturday, 12 July 2014

Poll Results

Just a quick one as I'm sat here, still in my pyjamas and my tummy is rumbling loudly! Breakfast is calling.

I was meant to post this at the start of the month but time has kind of run away with me. 
Last month I launched my Bigcartel shop and asked people for feedback on both this and my Etsy shop.

I was interested to know which one people preferred and why. Thank you to everyone who took the time out to provide their feedback. I took each and every comment on board and it was really helpful and also a bit of an eye opener.

I had expected the Bigcartel shop to come out on top, but it was Etsy hands down. People liked the community feel, the fact that you can 'favourite' items and the feedback system which keeps the process trustworthy and transparent.
I think what attracted me to Bigcartel was that you are far less restricted when it comes to designing your online shop. It's something that still attracts me although if I'm honest, that is the only advantage it currently has for me over Etsy.

So I've been mulling it over and have decided to stick with Etsy for the time being. I like the handmade community feel of Etsy too much and while I'm sure I'll go down the Bigcartel route at some point, I've decided that now is not the time.

So thanks again for bearing with me and for the invaluable comments and emails. I'll soon be closing my Bigcartel shop just as soon as I can get myself organised and business will continue as usual over on ol' Etsy. Now. BREAKFAST!

Have you seen the Etsy ad on TV? If not check it out!

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