Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Little Dash

I usually post first thing in the morning, but I couldn't wait to share this.
I'm having a warm and fuzzy moment right now and I want to share more of these on my blog seeing as it's precisely what I created it for in the first place.

When I was pregnant with Alessi, every week I would look up how big she was supposed at that stage. 
Every Monday when I got into work, the first thing I would do was look at the pregnancy app on my phone, pull out a ruler and draw a line of the same size on a post it note. 
Then I'd stick it to my computer screen and pray that the tiny little speck in my stomach kept on growing. 

I have a distinct snap-shot type memory of looking at one such post it. The line I'd drawn was only a few millimetres wide. That's all she was, a few millimetres. A little dash on a post it note.

Then tonight, after I put her to bed I got up to leave the room and stopped. As I looked down at her all stretched out and sound asleep, the memory of those post it notes came flooding back and I was in awe how something so small and so fragile could become something so big and fearless and well, Alessi. She's a real force of nature that one and a million miles away from a small dash on a post it note.

And then I wondered how many post it notes it would take to draw her line today. It made me smile.
I don't mind time passing or her growing bigger. Sometimes it seems to happen at a speed that scares me a little but mostly, like tonight, I just feel incredibly happy and grateful that I get to watch her grow up at all. 

My little dash.


  1. Oh you've just made a hormonal woman cry - this is so so lovely. Lovely that you used to do the ruler/post-it note thing, and lovely for the working out how many post it notes it would take to draw her line today. I'm not sure I'll ever not be amazed by how a tiny baby turns into a toddler - it is just magical. Enjoy watching your little dash grow and grow - little dashes are brilliant aren't they?! x

    1. Aw thanks Helen! If it's any consolation I got pretty misty eyed myself. I can't believe I'd forgotten about the post it notes, but the strength of that memory kind of blew the wind out of my sails a bit - in a really good way! xxx


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