Friday, 27 June 2014

Feeling reflective

I've been feeling a bit pensive and in dire need of change lately.

I'm not sure where this has come from or what kind of change it is that I'm craving, but our weekend in Wales brought home that I need to take a step back from things and have a bit of a think.

The problem is that "things" are still so busy at the moment. Sickness and a broken sewing machine means that I'm a bit behind with current projects and July looks set to be a busy month too.

But if I'm feeling this antsy now, can I really wait that long?

So many thoughts and ideas are whizzing around my head at the moment. It's hard to follow a train of thought without being distracted by something else seconds later.
I can be thinking about this blog, how I want it to grow and yet without having to follow the set path that seems to be written out for bloggers these days. Or how I'd like to stop making for everyone else for just a little while and really get stuck into making myself some some pieces instead. How I'd like to move to Dorset, or buy a motorhome and use it to travel the length and breadth of Britain one summer.
Or there are the more mundane (and realistic) thoughts of what I would like to get done to this place before winter. Get the place painted, finish tidying the garden, the miscellaneous DIY projects I've got stored in my head. Some started, none finished.
All of these things and then some are going round and around my head on a daily basis. It's all amounting to white noise now if I'm honest and I can't keep track.

I'm going to look on the bright side though. Yes I'm feeling overwhelmed, yes I have more things to do than time and yes it's causing frustration and a more than a smidge of anxiety. But I would take this over boredom and feeling uninspired ANY day.

Do any of you feel like this sometimes? How do you get yourself back on an even keel without stopping completely?

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