Friday, 21 March 2014

Why guilty pleasures shouldn't make us feel guilty

I used to have a compilation cd years ago that I'd put together and entitled 'Kim's Guilty Pleasures'.
It included Whigfield's Saturday Night and SL2's On A Ragga Tip amongst others. I didn't let anyone know that it existed let alone listen to it for fear of them laughing at me, but of all my cd's it was probably the one that was played the most that summer. Why? It made me happy, simple as that.
I'd sing along at the top of my voice, dance like a loon and just feel pretty damned good.

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is something I like to eat on occasion. Any foodies reading this might want to brace themselves. I love a good kebab.
And nope, I don't have to be drunk to enjoy one. A good lamb kebab with cabbage and lemon juice is just the ticket. Just before I had Pip, I told Dan that it was customary to buy the mother an eternity ring. A sort of "well done for popping out a person" present. I asked him to get me a kebab instead and bless him, he did.

I understand that many of you are recoiling at that one, but there you have it. A good and greasy kebab is one of my all time favourite pleasures and all of a sudden I no longer feel embarrassed to admit it.

And if you're interested, here are a few more of my no-longer-guilty pleasures.

  • My playlist has some cool artists on there. Haim, First Aid Kit, CHVRCHES...and James Blunt. Whatever. It's throw-away music that doesn't take itself too seriously and sometimes that's exactly what you need.
  • I still have fangirl crushes. That chap smouldering at the top of this post? That's the guy who gave us Loki in the Thor movies. Granted Loki is a bit more goth like and murdery than the men I'm usually attracted to, (looks over at my ginger, non-murdery husband), but still.  Yes please.
  • My granny slippers. You know the sort you find at the back of those crap catalogues that occasionally fall through the letter box? Synthetic fleece with the rubber soles? I have a pair, they look so bad, but feel so good.

There now.
And I don't mind telling all of you this because while it might make me all kinds of uncool (anyone who uses the word uncool is by definition "uncool"), they also make me happy and that feels a heck of a lot like winning to me.
So how about you? Are you brave enough (shameless enough) to share some of your guilty pleasures with me? Go on...I double dare you.


  1. Kim you make me smile. Thank you. Lots of love to you, Dan, & Alessi Rae xx

    1. I'm glad my James Blunt/kebab confessional wasn't in vain. Big hugs Lenny! xo

  2. My guilty pleasure top 3:
    1.singing along with music pretending I am on a stage
    2.using an epilator to get rid of wintery leg fuzz whilst watching crappy tv shows on my laptop (shows such as the hills)
    3.reading Twilight

    1. "1.singing along with music pretending I am on a stage"


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