Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring in the garden

You can't hold back the seasons and so signs of spring have started to show in my neglected little garden now too. This photo sums up the overall look in the garden perfectly. Spring is here, along with remnants of the winter just gone.

 Usually leaves are raked up and added to the compost bin by the start of winter, but we were a household of sick for the end of 2013 so I just left it all. Nevertheless, some stubborn daffodils and weeds are managing to poke their heads through the mulch and the primroses are holding their own.

The main reason for the delay in planting anything is this. A distinct lack of fence between ours and our neighbours garden. Thanks for that storm. You wet and windy bastard.

However, despite having no intention of doing much with the garden this year other than to play and sit in it, I do have some tentative plans to grow something. My green fingers are itching.

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