Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Week That Wasn't

This week has been horrendous.

I had big plans and had even arranged for some Alessi free time to focus on work. Then we all came down with some kind of stomach virus. And nothing like last winter's offerings either.
This one has floored us.

Poor Alessi has suffered the most and for the longest. She's a tough little boot though and in between the tears, the sleeping and just generally feeling floopy, she has still managed to crack a smile every now and again.
I chuffing love that kid.

Unfortunately, there have been a multitude of other things that went wrong too. Dan got some disappointing news, I had a whopper of a bill land on the doorstep, no work was done obviously despite having a busy week planned and there were a hundred other mini let-downs that just left us feeling a little battered and sorry for ourselves.

And while Dan and I are both well and ready to go again, poor Alessi still isn't 100%.
Last night she ate her first proper meal in six days. She slept pretty well and didn't end up in our bed for the first time this week, but then again today she still seems to have an upset stomach and has gone back to not eating. I could cry.

There was going to be a Christmas giveaway too. A made to measure Belle dress in a gorgeous wine colour. I really wanted to give someone a Christmas treat and was looking forward to announcing it, but unfortunately that idea has had to be shelved. With Alessi still unwell and with no time to do any sewing there's just no way it'll happen.

So that's us at the moment. I just want Alessi well again. Hopefully that will be very soon now. I miss my goofy little monkey bombing around the place, all crazy hair and smiles. Hopefully next week will be better.

*Crosses fingers*

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