Thursday, 14 November 2013

Introducing Belle!

I know you will have seen this dress only a couple of posts back. That was when I took the first dress I ever made myself that I'd stupidly stained with ink and gave it a bit of a revamp. I was so pleased with the result that I wondered if I should list it in the shop.

After playing around with various ideas, I decided that this dress, the one that's been sitting right under my nose for the past eight months, is exactly what I've been looking for. I've wanted a signature dress for the shop ever since I opened it. The design I started out with is one of my favourites. It's flattering and although it can be a little time consuming to put together, it's one I have a lot of confidence in.

But I wanted something more from a signature dress. A design that was not only my own, but was relatively simple to put together, that left room to play with different looks and one that, to put it simply, just felt right.

Enter Belle.

Aint she a beaut? I am seriously head over heels in love with this dress. It's simplicity. It's fit that is both comfortable and flattering. It's design flexibility meaning that I will never grow bored of it.
Dear Belle, why oh why did it take me this long to find you?!
And today I ordered fabric to make a few of my own too - god I love my job!

This sunflower Belle can be found in both my Etsy and Folksy shops. However if the colour doesn't take your fancy, it's also available in maroon, teal and orange. How about that?

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