Sunday, 3 November 2013

Finding a balance

We've shifted down a gear or two over at Casa Bliss lately.

Well I have anyway. The little one continues to live at break neck speed and the bearded one is always on a go slow. But after writing this post a couple of weeks ago I decided enough really was enough.

I've taken up running and am surprisingly enjoying it, although my efforts are currently being scuppered by the weather and the clocks having gone back last weekend. Hey, I said I enjoy it, but not so much that I'm willing to go out in the rain and the dark.

I'm also blogging less often and am twittering less too, the latter is a biggy for me. I love Twitter. So much so I have not one, but two accounts. One I consider my personal account where I tweet family gubbins and my personal views. Then there's my business account (TheDressTree) where I talk shop to my heart's content without fear of boring anyone.
However I just want to focus on the business twitterings for the time being. That's not so say that there won't be any family or personal stuff in there - this is me we're talking about and I am a hopeless oversharer.
It's just one of the many changes I'm making to keep life as simple as possible. As simple as it can be with a part time job, full time business and whirling dervish to look run after anyhow.

There have been other things of course, but I won't bore you with the details of every little change I've made. What's important is that *touch wood* my efforts seem to be paying off. I feel a little calmer these days. A little more able to cope and not stretched to breaking point as I did this time last month. Having to say no to people isn't easy. Neither is convincing myself to sit down in the conservatory and soak in the sun while it's out instead of racing upstairs to take photos of something while the light is good. But little by little, inch by inch I'm feeling as though I'm finding my balance again.

I'll reach my goals eventually, it'll just take a little longer to get there. But at least I'll get there in one piece.

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