Monday, 18 February 2013

It's not much, but it's mine

For the last few days the weather here has been absolutely beautiful. 

After our recent bout of lurgy I'm feeling a bit cabin feverish so I quite literally jumped at the chance to spend some time in this room. This poor neglected, mucky room. 
It's our conservatory (read, ramshackle lean to) and of all the rooms, it's the eccentric old lady of the house. 

In the height of summer it often gets too hot to sit in, even with the door wide open and in the coldest part of winter, it becomes a fridge. But in spring and autumn, it's my happy place.
I drink my morning coffee in this room. When it rains I listen to the raindrops hitting the roof - it's so relaxing. When Pip was very little we would sit in here with her while it rained. Something that was almost guaranteed to soothe her to sleep.
It also doubles as a fantastic green house and as well as my grapevines I also grow peppers and other veggies in there. Last year I also added some wisteria which I'm hoping I can train along the ceiling to create a green canopy. I did the same with the grapevines a couple of years back and it was so gorgeous. Unfortunately half of my vines died off in last years frosts so I've had to bulk out the gaps with the wisteria. Time will tell if it works. 

But before I can really start to enjoy myself in here again, some major cleaning and fixing needs to be done. This room needs a fair amount of TLC to keep from falling down (did I mention it was the granny of the house?) and last year I completely neglected it due to the whole new baby thing. 
The last couple of days have been spent washing the windows and window frames whilst at the same time trying to stop Pip from eating bits of muck or stray bits of chicken feed off the floor. There's still loads to do, but just making a start on a gloriously sunny day like today has done me the world of good. Pip certainly enjoyed playing in a new room for the first time. 

I can't wait until it's ready. Ready for me to start growing things in it again. Ready to be relaxed in again. And this year, ready to be played in. 
This is our happy place.

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