Thursday, 28 February 2013

Alessi - 11 months

She's almost a year old. Woah.

This has been the month where she got her first real illness. Nursery has been a bitter-sweet addition to her life. On the one hand, she's flourishing there. She's so sociable with everyone, much more relaxed and less shy than she was and she's learning new things from copying the other babies too. 
On the other hand however, as it the way with new babies and nurseries, she's been collecting all the colds and viruses going. The low point was when she caught a viral infection and conjunctivitis or as I like to call it, the oh-my-god-your-eyes-are-gross virus. 

I missed work to look after her, then I came down with it and Dan had to miss work to look after the both of us. We were a grim house then let me tell you. 
All we've had since are mild colds and coughs which I can deal with - fingers crossed it stays that way.

She's taken her first steps and the other day when I turned around to face her she was standing in front of me by herself with a big  proud smile on her face. I was so shocked and I can't believe that even though I was sat just two feet away from her, I still managed to miss it. Oh and she can climb stairs and other things too. 
Basically, it won't be long before nothing in the house is safe from her and I'll be running around again with the "no Alessi" and the "don't touch Alessi" and the "where the bloody hell have you gone Alessi?"

She also had her first trip to the dentist today. She wouldn't show him her teeth for love nor money, but absolutely loved watching me get mine checked. Toad.

And that's it pretty much. The changes have been few this month and yet they've been biggies. 

These children, they grow up so fast.

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