Thursday, 14 February 2013

7 Things I Love To Hate

So in case you hadn't noticed (ha!) it's Valentine's Day. And as my way to mark the occasion, here's my Valentine's Day post.

7 Things I Love To Hate 

1) Seasonal bugs and viruses
I get it Winter. You're cold and germy, you've made your point. Now please be a good little season and calm down a bit please?

2) Putting the chickens away at night and letting them out again in the morning
It's dark. It's cold. And more often than not, it's wet. I don't like it.

3) Cleaning out the chicken coop in the cold and wet
This is my least favourite job anyway, but when you're getting rained on to boot, the last thing you want to do is faff around with chicken poo.

4) Going off chocolate
This is linked to number 1. After our last bug, I've completely lost the taste for it. And as sitting down each afternoon with a cup of tea and a piece of something chocolaty was my top happy moment, this has peeved me no end.

5) Learning to cook
I'm learning to cook. I can't cook. My efforts taste awful. It's annoying.

6) People who park on the pavement without leaving enough space for a buggy to pass
If I'm brutally honest, this isn't something I ever noticed before having Pip, but now I see it a lot and it drives me mental. Especially if there is no way around the car without walking in to a busy main road meaning I have to turn around and find a safe place to cross. Bastards.

7) Being told I'll need to start dying my hair soon.
I feel the same way about this as I did when Kate Middleton was in the news because some silly beggar said that she ought to cut her hair now that she had turned 30. Aghast, pissed off and a bit depressed that we hold such limited views on what is considered beautiful.
The reason I was advised to start dying my hair was because I'd recently found a grey strand on my head. Considering I'm 34, I think that's pretty normal and if I do say so, kind of cool. Apparently though, it means my hair is condemned. Is it offensive to have grey hair under the age of 70? Don't get me wrong, I will dye my hair at some point because I like playing with hair colours (although I won't be trying blue again any time soon). But I don't like being told that I should dye my hair. It just makes my inner 16 year old get all rebellious and stompy.

In my mind's eye I've always thought that by the time I'm sixty, I will look something like this..

..although in all honesty I will probably look more like this.

So there you have it. A small selection of things that are currently making me go RAWR! I hope you enjoyed them. Happy Valentine's Day kids.


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