Friday, 23 December 2011

It's only bloody Christmas!

Today, at precisely 11.45am and 0 seconds, it finally started to feel like Christmas around here.

And why you might ask? Because I finished work for the holidays! Gingerbread biscuits and Roses chocolates have been consumed, hot chocolate has been drunk, presents have been wrapped and Christmas music has been played.


Hot chocolate and gingerbread biscuit break after present wrapping.

My crochet snowflakes that still have not been made in to a garland and I fear, probably won't be.

My tree!

Roses chocolates, obligatory Christmas treats.

And my favourite card  that we received. Although technically, it isn't actually ours. Every year we get a card for a couple who lived here years and years ago. They never have a fowarding address on them so we have no way to let the senders know that they've moved on. But I fell in love with this card and so we've kept it. 

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve everyone!

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