Saturday, 17 December 2011

4 Simple Goals

Finish all the sewing assignments in my course.
This was outstanding at the start of the month, but I actually completed this last week so I'm already on track!  

Finish re-vamping my crafting corner
This task has been on my list since forever, it's time to get it done and I'm so close!

Start exercising regularly  
I'm currently suffering from pelvic pain due the pregnancy so some gentle exercise is needed to help keep the worst at bay.

Make a bigger shelter for the chickens
Poor chooks. The one Dan made for them a couple of months ago is too small so they don't use it. It's time for an upgrade.

And for those who are curious, this is how I got on with last month's goals..

1. Drink more 
I failed miserably at this. I'm really trying for Pip's sake, but I've never been very good at drinking enough water at the best of times so it's proving to be something of a challenge. I had been doing well with fruity teas, but then they started giving me heartburn which has made things more difficult. I'm not giving up though!

2. Complete 3 assignments
Almost completed. I completed two, but got hopelessly confused with the last one so I was still struggling with it by the end of November. Still, it was a good effort.

3. Start making Christmas cards
I did! However, I didn't actually, finish any of them! The idea was to crochet a snowflake to stick on the front of each card that could then be removed to use as a tree decoration. I got as far as making the snowflakes before stumbling across an old pack of cards from last year in amongst a box of other tree decorations and deciding to use those instead. 
The snowflakes will now be used to make a Christmas garland which I will be posting about shortly.

4. Start making Christmas presents
Nope. I didn't even make a start on this one. I thought about it a couple of times. But that's it.

So in short, November's goals were a complete flop. However I am determined to do better this month. DETERMINED.

Just you wait and see..

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