Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bump update - 6 months

I meant to post this last week, but as has been the way this entire year, life got in the way.

Not a lot has changed since last month bump-wise apart from the size of my gut. I never think I look that big until I catch a glance at my profile and have a "who ate all the pies?" moment.

I've also decided that while some mother's to be love every moment of being pregnant and could do it again and again and again, I'm not one of them. I love that Pip's doing her thing and seems happy and healthy in there. I so can't wait to meet her, but I think I will be happier when she's here and I can have my body back. Before I get shot down in flames, this has nothing to do with me getting bigger, I've no problem with that one.
It's the lack of mobility that's I'm having problems coming to terms with. I start to ache if I sit down too long, if I stand up too long, if I walk about too much, if I do too much, if I don't walk about enough or do enough. It's ridiculous.
I can't bend down anymore, getting off the sofa involves shuffling my bum to the edge and then heaving myself out, I also can't seem get in or out of the car without making some kind of involuntary "ooompf" noise and I can almost feel what I fear is the start of a waddle.

Also, braxton hicks contractions. I do not like the feeling at all. AT. ALL. They're totally painless, but it's an odd sensation to have what feels like your whole abdomen turn to lead and then back to squidge again. It almost feels like the baby is rolling slowly around in your gut and without exception, I will need the loo after I've had one, even if I only went two minutes previously. Yeah, I'm not a fan.

One part however, one very big part remains to be very, very cool and that's Pip herself. Feeling her kick is just awesome. It's like having a little friend around with me all the time keeping me company at work, in the car, even as I'm typing this.
Her kicks are getting stronger too and Dan's felt and seen them now which is just ace. I still have my freak outs about her arriving. Will I be any good at this? Will I be the first to drop her on her head? What if I leave her at the shops or sit on her or something? I have been assured that babies bounce so I'm counting on that to be true.

On a serious note, I don't want anyone to think that I'm not happy or grateful for what I have here. I am, more than I can put in to words. It's just all so very strange and I want to document exactly how I feel about the experience so that I don't forget in years to come. That includes the stuff that I don't like so much. Pregnancy isn't just about loving your unborn kidlet, there is plenty to be grumpy about and damn it, I've earned the right to be as grumpy as the next mother to be. And I am. Sometimes. As anyone who follows me on Twitter can testify!

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