Saturday, 1 October 2011

Time for a new list..

Every year I make myself a list of things to do before winter arrives, this was my list from last year. It's something of a ritual I suppose. Something that gets me in the right frame of mind for the colder and darker days. 

This year however things are slightly different. A lot of the stuff on lists gone by have been simple house and garden maintenance jobs. There will be no conker collecting to deter spiders this year either. They work a treat, but I was still finding them under the sofa and behind the oven as recently as last month so spiders be damned. Instead, most of the list will be DIY jobs that we've been putting off for ages, but now need to get done before the baby arrives. So here goes my Winter List, 2011 style..
  1. Add fence to front of house 
  2. Get crafting corner sorted 
  3. Fix kitchen wall that I buggered up
  4. Get Dan to finish tidying tile grouting in the kitchen 
  5. Paint hallway
  6. Move chickens off garden and create a more 'winter friendly' space for them. 
  7. Prepare garden ready for the winter
  8. Make/buy a door curtain for front door
  9. Make a curtain for the bedroom 
  10. Finish dress making course by Christmas
  11. Make a draft excluder for the living room
  12. Add winter stuff to car (de-icer, cover for windows, blanket etc)
  13. Put summer clothes in attic and bring down the winter gear
  14. Buy a maternity winter coat that a) does not cost a small fortune and b) does not resemble a kid's duffel coat
  15. Fix crochet blanket
  16. Make a snood
  17. Make Christmas presents, cards and decorations
See? It's a much smaller list this year and I've already made a start too! My summer clothes were packed away in to the attic and my winter clothes brought down at the start of September so I considered myself to have gotten off to a grand start.

Good job then that we're not experiencing some sort of mini heatwave that calls for flip flops and summer dresses.

Hang on a minute..


  1. How does one have summer outfits and winter outfits? Tell me, I am serious. Haha, I wear the same old rubbish all year long, except wintercoats. Although...I wore my wintercoat in August when it was 13C..during the day!
    Also, I beat you to it with the christmas cards, I made them this weekend, sitting in the 25C sun, which was pretty weird.
    They turned out very naff, I blame it on the heat.
    Luckily I don't have to worry about housing stuff, since I live in a metal shed;)

  2. Well I have my winter tights (woolly, cable knit affairs), then you have winter coats, scarves, gloves, hats, those big winter boots you never wear in hot weather. Big chunky socks, slippers..the list goes on.

    Then summer things, I have shorts, strapless and very light weight dresses, summer dressing gown, straw hat, flip flops etc etc.

    All that coupled with a very small wardrobe and not much storage space for both of our clothes so it makes sense to stuff the things I only wear seasonally up in the attic.

    And yes, I am aware that I now sound proper mental! :P

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