Friday, 10 June 2011

Return of the Mac or I need you!

Back in March I (temporarily) shelved a feature which I had hoped would become a regular one. It was called Project Wednesday and as the name would suggest I chose some projects and posted about my progress each Wednesday. However, it was slightly flawed in that I had bitten off more than I could chew project wise, I never seemed to have enough spare time and as a result never had much to post about each week.
So, only slightly flawed then.

Any hoo, skip forward three months and I think I'm ready to pick this feature up again, only with a few tweaks this time around. Like the name..and the projects..and when I update about my progress.
I'll be tweaking the entire thing basically.

So I know that much, but what I don't know is what the project will be. You see this is why I ended up juggling three projects last time, I couldn't settle on one so I figured I'd just to do them all. And look how that turned out.
So here's what I'm thinking, I make a list of small, practical and 'doable' projects, and you guys choose for me! If there's no outright winner then I'll just let the cats chose for me instead. I'm not really sure how that will work though..

So anyway, the projects I'm thinking of are:

1) Make a curtain for our bedroom (we're currently using a bed throw - not great).
2) Take apart a shapeless and  over sized pair of trousers and try to sew them back together again into a pair that fits.
3) Fix the kitchen wall (see here)

Ok, so it's not the most inspiring list of ideas I'll grant you. But each of those are things that I need to do and people I'm procrastinating like a pro here. Help me!


  1. let's try this again:
    i vote for the curtain as bedrooms need to be snug, comfy and dark!
    also kitchens are meant to be a little shabby imo and trousers are just silly things. stick with skirts!

  2. "trousers are just silly things. stick with skirts!"

    That made me laugh. :D


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