Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bread and Butter Pudding

We have the best neighbours. They own a grocery shop and they regularly give us the bread that has just past it's sell by date for the chickens. Sometimes though, we have more than they can eat so we have to throw some out. This always seemed like such a waste until I remembered that just as old bananas are perfect for banana bread, slightly stale bread is perfect for bread and butter pudding! And seeing as the weather has been far from summery this past week or so it felt like the perfect time to make some stodgy, comfort food.

It tasted sooo good! It was also easy to make and cheap as chips too. I would highly recommend it. So if you fancy a go, here's what you will need..
Bread, enough to layer your pudding bowl with two layers
Icing sugar
2 x eggs, beaten
Milk, enough to cover both layers

1. Butter the bread and arrange in the bowl, butter side up. Sprinkle half the sugar and some raisins on the top.

2. Arrange another layer of buttered bread and again sprinkle with the remaining sugar and raisins.

3. Heat the milk until almost boiling and add the beaten egg. Stir it all up and add to the pudding. Leave for 10 minutes to let the bread soak up the milk/egg mixture.

4. Sprinkle with nutmeg, stick in the oven on gas mark 5 for 45 minutes and eat.

Also note how, unlike my banana bread (here and here), this isn't burnt! I put that down to the fact that I was drinking tea instead of wine this time. Drinking alcohol whilst baking = burnt stuff. Who woulda thunk it?


  1. OMG I haven't had this for years - I remember loving it when I was young! Must make soon :) thanks for the reminder :) x

  2. Yup it made me think of my dad making it for pudding when I was little too - he was the good cook in our house! It also made me think of stove top made rice pudding..that'll be next I reckon.

  3. ok, this just sounds weird. bread and butter??? AND RAISINS? and milk? it just sounds weird. so weird that i'll have to try it.
    also, good job on not getting drunk this time!

  4. Yes, do try it! It's definitely a winter warmer, but the weather's been that rubbish in England that I thought why the hell not?


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