Wednesday, 22 June 2016

EU nerves

Hello my friends. How're you this fine Wednesday evening?

I'm doing ok, but I'm also in a weird limbo which is leaving me feeling slightly unsettled. And it's all down to this EU referendum hoo ha. First off, I am so sorry for making you have to read that phrase for the kabillionth time. I have severe referendum fatigue and if I could turn it all off and just tune in on Friday morning to find out the outcome, I would.*

First off, I hate what this effing referendum has done to our country. It's brought out the worst in people and fuelled a xenophobic atmosphere which will linger even if we do vote to stay in Europe. A woman is dead and while there are those who deny that the referendum had a part to play, I can't see how it didn't.

And then there's how leaving the EU will affect me personally.

It occurred to me today that if it weren't for the EU, Alessi wouldn't be here. Bare with me.
I wouldn't have met my best friend who moved to the UK from the Netherlands. She wouldn't have introduced me to Dan and we wouldn't have gone on to have Alessi.
So I have the EU to thank for my best friend, my partner and my daughter.
That's pretty impressive I think.

Then there's the other love of my life. The Dress Tree. My humble cottage business that I started when nobody took me seriously. I was advised against it as Alessi was only a year old at the time and "when would I get the time to sew anyway?" Three years later and I've silenced my critics.
But what if we come leave Europe? Well who knows? Literally. No one seems to know. It could be ok. Things might slow down for a little while and then recover. Or the shit might hit the fan at great speed and I may find myself having to close the shop down, just when it was getting to a point when I could start paying myself a regular wage. I believe in some circles, that is referred to as sod's law.

I'm nervous about the outcome and hoping with all my might that we don't fuck this up.

*I've already voted so I'm bored of all the rambling now. And yes, my own included!

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  1. <3
    thank goodness we did meet when we did.

    ps: now I am wondering what the hell happened to that green jumper..???


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