Monday, 30 May 2016

Meet the chickens!

It was only a matter of time.

I've been playing with the idea of getting chickens again for some time, but kept finding reasons why we couldn't do it. Then one day, Dan came back from the car boot sale saying that a man there had been selling bantam chickens. He had nearly bought some as a surprise, but thought better of it when he realised we didn't have anything prepared.

And that was it. The same day I pulled out the old chicken coop from the shed and put it back together again. Over the following weeks I bought feed, collected old newspapers and hunted around for local bantam breeders. As luck would have it, there's a wonderful lady who sells all things chicken related just over a mile away. It was a sign. Not that I needed one by this point. 

And so yesterday we jumped in the car and collected our new girls. They're settling in nicely and establishing their new pecking order. Gertie seems to be at the top, followed by Elvis (who's a girl) and of course, little Titch at the bottom. They're still quite young so a little timid. We'll handle them every day and give them treats until they get used to us. Although they've been with us for little more than 24 hours and they appear to have settled in already. 
The only down side is that because of their size (extra diddy), we can't let them roam the garden until it's been chicken proofed. These little girls could easily squeeze under the shed whereas there was no chance my old girls could have managed that. I'm going to have to find some scrap wood from somewhere and get patching. But for now, they're more than happy in the coop, which is the perfect size for three little bantams. 

I'll stop there, but you can expect more chicken spam from me in the future!

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