Saturday, 7 February 2015

And breathe..

February so far has been like breathing a sigh of relief.

First my brother got sick and was admitted to hospital. Everyone was really worried about him - still are actually, but thankfully it isn't life threatening. For a brief spell however it seemed like real possibility and that scared the bejesus out of me.
It was tough to find out details at the beginning and in the midst of all the confusion and miscommunication I just remember thinking "for fuck's sake, I just want someone to tell me he's not dying!"
They're still not precisely sure what they're dealing with or how to treat it and it could be life changing, but at least he'll still be around. You never realise how much you take your family for granted until you're reminded by the fact that they're not immortal.
So anyway, yes. There was that and I hope, I believe, the worst is behind us now. I've got to give my family credit though, they don't get ill very often, but when they do they go all out.

Then there was my birthday which kind of snuck up on me after all the scary stuff that came before it. I didn't do too much, if I'm being honest I wasn't really in much of a birthday mood, not helped by catching a throat infection the day before.*  Thankfully this is where Dan came into his own. He organised a babysitter, dragged me out to watch a ridiculous, but very funny film (Big Hero 6 or as I like to call it, "the squishy film") and took me out for cocktails and top nosh.
Laughter and food. He knows me well that one.

And then there was Alessi's bloody nursery who nearly made me cry by turning down our request to increase her hours next term. Seriously I am relying on those extra hours. They mean a few hours of dedicated work/sewing time a week. A WEEK.
Most people daydream about what they would spend their millions on if they won the lottery. I daydream about the dresses I could make. Comfortable t-shirt dresses, a black one with a bright rainbow splashed across the front. Some nursing dresses, comfortable and colourful, dresses with embroidered necklines or maybe even dabble in some relaxed, boho style wedding dresses..
But I digress.
Eventually, after a lot of messing about and again, Dan being completely and utterly awesome, the nursery finally came up with an afternoon slot that will be available by the start of the new term. I would be lying a bit if I said I didn't whoop with delight at the news. And I would be lying a lot if I said I didn't then do a little dance and insisted that Alessi gave me a double high five. I was over the bloody moon. Still am actually.

So in short? January was a tough month, full of worry and not being able to talk about it properly.
February seems to have got its shit together. Long may it last.

* You see Family, that's how you do illness. Throat infections, colds, the flu etc. Things that can't potentially kill you. Take note please.


  1. I hope February is much calmer and less stressful; than January was :)


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