Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 Goals

I only set myself three simple goals for 2014; to try and find more time to sew (check), live a little more healthily (*ahem*) and treat myself occasionally (nailed it).

The lesson here is that I don't respond well to health related resolutions. Well consider it a lesson learned. I hereby give myself permission to eat what I want, drink what I want and only run if I lose my mind. Or take it up again at some point if I feel the urge. Whatever. It's cool. 

Anyway, here are my resolutions for 2015;

Talk less, make more.

Continue to take time out to relax. Switch off from work occasionally!

 Try and be in the present more. Put. The. Phone. Down...she says tapping away on her laptop.

 Find a storage solution for all the bloody dress patterns lying around in the sewing room. Note to self: rolling them up with elastic bands and tossing them up on the top shelf is NOT working out Kim.

Fashion something for the dresses while I'm at it. There is no more room in the closet. I repeat, NO. MORE. ROOM.

However you're spending the first day of this shiny new year, I hope it treats you well my friends. 
Here's to a great year - and remember, imperfect is just fine. ;)

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