Monday, 1 September 2014

Winter List 2014

If you're a regular reader of this blog you will know that I consider September 1st to be the start of Autumn.
You'll also know that around this time of year, I like to write out my Winter List.

For those who have started following me recently, this is basically a list of things to get done before winter sets in. It's more than a list to me though. It's a ritual. It prepares me for the new season, softens the post summer blues and helps me focus on the positive things this time of year brings. So let's jump in..

House Stuff
Fix granny square blanket
Buy a heated clothes hanger
Wash all curtains
Get the candles and fairy lights out
Try pumpkin pie with tinned pumpkin - I didn't grow any this year
Collect leaves, conkers and pine cones and use to decorate the house
Blocks behind the sofa - don't ask
Sand (and paint?) the living room table
Stain or paint the bedside cabinets

Garden Stuff
Cut down tree and treat stump
Mulch flower bed
Prune the other trees
Get rid of the big mound of earth that's currently sitting on the lawn
Re-felt the shed roof
Tidy shed and add conkers to deter spiders

Car Stuff
Add winter bits to car (blanket, de-icer, ice-scraper, torch etc)
Check all lights are working

Wardrobe Stuff
Put summer clothes back in attic
Get winter clothes down from attic
Make myself a winter coat
Buy/make/find a scarf, hat and pair of gloves
Stock up on winter essentials (tights, woolly socks, jumpers etc)
Buy a pair of slippers

Food & Drink Stuff
Make apple crumble
Drink my weight in hot chocolate
Make a list of slow cooker recipes
And another of soup recipes
Make mulled cider

Pip Stuff
Buy a new pair of wellies
And a Vicks dehumidifier for her room
Make Pip a hooded poncho

The Dress Tree Stuff
Get A/W pieces listed in the shop
Buy fabric for more dresses
And finally, make a backdrop in the conservatory (the house gets too dark!)

Other Winter Lists:

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