Friday, 5 September 2014

Life Lately

At the start of the year, I had this grand notion of writing monthly 'round up' style posts to help me record our life as it happened. The little details we tend to forget or think too mundane to write about.
Yup, it was a grand notion indeed. I failed at the first hurdle. But inspired by that neglected and recently remembered idea, I thought I'd write up a quick update of what's going on in with us.

Things continue to chug along nicely and I am currently working on a (very small) A/W collection. The collection will be a lot smaller than I had originally planned due to my ever present time restraints. Nonetheless, four new dresses and a couple of necklaces will be listed in the shop on Monday, 15 September.
Next week I will posting a daily photo on my Facebook Page showing the process of making one of these dresses and once the collection has been launched I will continue to drip feed A/W items to shop.

I've been listening to a mix of Lucius, Sam Brookes, Rudimental and 'A Tribe Called Red' by Angel Haze. A bit of an eclectic mix it has to be said, but it's gotten me through the month. Angel Haze to get me kick started in the morning, Rudimental and Lucius to keep me going through the day and Sam to wind it up. And then collapse!

Oh god sleep. I need sleep! Alessi is going through a phase of waking up between 3-4am and then once settled, waking up every half an hour after that. Why? Many reasons. Nightmares of monsters, being cold, wanting milk, just wanting a cuddle, because there's a "Y" in the day. I'm just mainlining coffee and looking forward to this phase passing.
Also my diet is shot to crap again. I haven't gone running since April (APRIL!!) and I'm getting through the day eating Alessi's leftovers and packaged snacks. Between this and the lack of sleep it's a miracle that I'm achieving anything lately.

Autumn is upon us and I've written up my winter list. I'm collecting jumpers and planning lots of casseroles, hot puddings and wool related craft projects.
Gardening usually keeps me feeling connected with the seasons, but I really feel that spring and summer this year have past me by a little bit. I'm determined to eat, sleep and breathe this season so that by the time winter sets in, I'll feel ready and satisfied that I got my autumnal hit.

The Best Bits

  • My Dad coming over from Wales just to help us put down a patio base. DIY is not one of our strong points so his expertise was desperately needed. A silly thing to count as a best bit to some, but to us, it was a relief and a huge, HUGE help. If you're reading this Dad, thanks again. You are awesome.
  • Celebrating 14 years together with Dan. We were just kids when we met, but when I compare the us of now to the us of then, I don't think we've changed much. Although maybe we're a little greyer (him) and softer around our middle (me). Here's to the next 14 years my love. May I catch up with you in the greyness stakes and you with the soft belly. X
  • Taking Alessi to Longleat Safari Park. The monkeys didn't disappoint. The smile on her face when a monkey jumped on the car and looked right at her was priceless. Dan got to stroke a stingray, I got to feed a lorikeet and Alessi got to highfive Postman Pat. It was a good day.
  • Finally getting around to making myself some dresses. My only quibble would be that I've only put short sleeves on them so I can see some unpicking happening to make way for longer sleeves. That way I'll get more wear out of them as the days turn colder.
  • And finally, singing songs with Alessi. Such a small thing, but watching how happy this makes her never fails to make me happy in turn. She's yet to twig that I can't sing for toffee.

And that's it. Due to the aforementioned tiredness I appreciate that this post may not make much sense or even read well. Bear with me though, I hope to be firing on all cylinders again soon. Toddler willing.


  1. I so know what you mean about Spring/Summer passing you by, I feel like that too. Too pregnant/new mum to do too much. But I love Autumn more anyway, I'm very excited about your AW collection, and hope I have some cash free when it comes out!

    1. I'm positive time speeds up when you have kids. It's another reason I'm grateful for blogging as it keeps me documenting what's going on so it doesn't pass me by completely!

      And thanks about the collection. As I say it's very small, but I'm feeling really positive about it. And then it'll be on to the next idea.
      No rest for the wicked! X


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