Monday, 28 July 2014

Pallet Shelf

This has been one of those projects that just went on and on and on. I originally picked up the pallet last year, but soon realised that nothing was going to get done during the wet winter weather. 
Some projects are best left to the summer months and this is definitely one of them!

But obstacles and bad weather aside, it's done and up and ah meh gerd, I loves it.

This is what it looked like beforehand. A standard pallet. Second to the weather, the biggest obstacle was figuring out how I was going to use it, which bits I needed and what was going to go where. Once I had that figured out it was just a case of pulling the thing apart. 

This happened in fits and starts as some parts of the pallet were solidly held together, others were quite flimsy and splintered. In the end I opted to just saw out the bits I needed.

Then it was simply a case of sanding, staining and screwing the thing back together. How best to mount it on the wall also caused me some confusion. I chose split battens which I feel distribute it's weight better than hooks or nails.

Bob's your uncle! One pallet shelf all done and dusted, and it only took me ten months! 

All I can say is that Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

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