Monday, 2 June 2014

Here Come's The Summer!

Yesterday I woke up to a little girl bursting in to the bedroom yelling "HELLO MUMMY!".
As that kind of killed my plans for a lazy Sunday lie in, we decided to head up to our local car boot sale and have a mooch about.
I picked up another picture for the living room and some pretty plates because they were cheap and we need new plates. New to us is new enough.

Then we headed in to town to watch some music. When we got our entry stamps, Pip immediately put her hand out to get one too and spent the next ten minutes comparing her hand stamp to ours. 
Is it silly to be proud of this?

Great music. From left to right: James off of The Magic Lantern, Marianne off of Hot Feet and Sam off of..well, Sam Brookes. Check them out if you like folksy, rocky music.
I think I may have just made up a new genre there, but seriously do give them a listen if you're a music fan. There was a lot of talent in that tent today and I'm so glad we go to go and fill our ears with it.

Time was a little short after that, but we managed a quick wander along the river before I had to shoot home to finish up some sewing. It was nice and quiet as Dan and Pip had a hot play date in the park. What a day.

I bloody love this city.

And before I forget, the Facebook giveaway has finished and the winner is........

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congrats Jess! A pair of cherry earrings will be winging their way to you shortly. Thanks to everyone who took part. You're all a bit fab. XOXOXOX

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