Sunday, 22 June 2014

Etsy UK TV Advert

Have you seen the Etsy ad that's currently running on TV? If not, check it out below!

And guess what? I'm in it!

Haha gotcha! I wish.

Truth be told I didn't even realise they were making one so I was chuffed to bits to hear that it was finally being advertised on television. I really hope it manages to raise the Etsy's profile here in the UK because it really is such a wonderful community.
I've been working with Etsy now for years and sometimes I find it a little frustrating that it is still unknown to so many. Especially when it's heads and tails above the high street.
Yes, yes ok, so perhaps I'm a little biased. Sue me. I believe that handmade is King and that's not going to change any time soon.

So anyway no, I'm not in it. But if you have an Etsy store of your own you can personalise the ad so that your shop name appears at the end. I loved this idea so much so I jumped straight on the bandwagon.

And that's close enough right?

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