Sunday, 25 May 2014

Make Do and Mend - Patched Jeans

They're not much to look at. Just an average pair of jeans that are past their best. 
They're also the best pair of jeans I've ever owned.

Eight years old with worn knees and stained with wood preservative, this pair of jeans have seen it all. They came to Vegas with me when we got married, have climbed the Empire State Building and danced 'til late to Fat Boy Slim one wet and muddy Glastonbury. The holes in the knees are the result of crawling around the floor with Pip before she could walk. There are SO many fond memories attached to these jeans. There's no way in hell I was going to bin them when they could be so easily mended instead.

Here's a close up of the jeans before I got busy..

And here's a close up afterwards.

I. Love. Them.
I think the patches make the jeans look loved. In this day and age it would have been too easy to just chuck them out and buy a new pair, but what a waste! 
These are special enough to mend and hold on too so I'll wear my patches with pride.

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