Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Wardrobe Clear Out

As I stated in this post, one of my plans this month was to have a massive clear out and either sell, donate or give away anything I no longer wear or use. This is the first step in doing just that. I spent the best part of yesterday collecting everything together, ironing, taking photos and then loading them up here. 

They will all be going on to eBay too, but I've added them on to the blog first so that readers get first dibs. Below are just a few pictures of what I'm selling as there's too much to put in one post. There are dresses, shoes, necklaces, maternity wear and a couple of fetal dopplers. And I'm still not all finished! No more for today though, I'm pooped.

Anyway, check out the Shop My Stuff page and if you see anything you like, just send me an email!

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