Sunday, 5 January 2014

My plan for a not so gloomy January

Sure it's grey and wet outside. Many of us have had to return to work and everyone is feeling the pinch a little more than usual. But really, is January that bad?

Well I don't think so. It can be if we let it, but this year I'm determined not to let the January of 2014 pass me by in a soggy and grey blur. I'm determined to enjoy it, find the beauty in it and this is my battle cry for you to do the same. Come on! Let's start a winter revolution!  

5 Ways To Make January Great

1. Freecycle/Ebay/Blog Sale
I'm already selling some bits and pieces both here on my Shop My Wardrobe page and on Ebay. With the money we raise we're going to set up a rainy day fund for those unexpected costs that we all get occasionally like washing machine repairs or car maintenance costs, (another lesson learned from last year).
We're also in the process of putting some other bits on Freecylce and at the end of the month our local charity shop is going to a butt load of stuff coming it's way. The end result will hopefully be a less cluttered house and the start of a small financial buffer.

2. Wrap up warm and go outside!
I'm finding it really hard to get outside with Pip lately. It's almost always raining (it's raining as I type) and if we're really unlucky, it's blowing a gale to boot. Our garden fence has all but blown over. 
Still, to avoid cabin fever we need to get out even if only for a short while so I've gathered boots, coats and buggy, packed it all by the front door and whenever it looks like it'll be dry for more than ten minutes, we'll run out for some fresh air. She may hate me for it, but it's character building right?

3. Plant some daffodil bulbs
Ideally, spring bulbs should be planted in November. That said I've planted daffodils this late before with success. Granted they may not flower for the first year, but they've every chance of taking so if you have any decent bulbs lying about, throw them in - you've nothing to lose. 
I intend to get some daffodil bulbs to replace the ones the chickens dug up last year. I know I've said that I miss those girls, but I won't miss them digging up my bulbs and plants one bit.

4. Wear a bright colour
I'm the worst for matching January in terms of colour. Black, grey and maybe some navy if you're lucky. So I'm going to make more of an effort to add a bit of colour to my daily outfits this winter. Whatever I go for, a bright top, colourful necklace or just some red lipstick, I vow not to blend in with the clouds.

5. Make some bird feeders
There's a rather sorry looking blackbird that's taken to sitting at the bottom of my garden by the empty bird feed stand. I get it feathered one, you're hungry. I'll sort it out.

So these are the things I'm going to do to make January a little less grey and gloomy. Do you do anything similar during January or am I completely on my own here?


  1. This year I have decided to keep some fairy lights from Christmas up so there's more light, thanks to a blog I read the other day. Happy January!

    1. That's a great idea, I'm definitely going to try that one. Thanks! x

  2. I'm doing, or planning on doing, a lot of the same things as you - wardrobe needs an overhaul, the mound of stuff for the charity shop is ever growing (much to my delight), some of the bulbs are just starting to grow, and I slung some bird feed balls in the trolley in lidls this week! The getting outside with toddler can be tricky though can't it - we've just bought an all in one waterproof so we've got no excuses now. If it's dry, chuck it on and head out, even if it's for a run around the garden!
    Making January less gloomy sounds like a good plan! x

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only one!
      You're right though, the getting out and about is a real challenge. We were out for less than an hour this morning before it started raining again. Still, every little helps and all that. :) x

  3. I agree with mascaraandmud, only I just keep the fairy lights up all year:) Also: clothes swaps between friends are a great way to finally get your grubby hands on some of the clothes you've been eying and it saves money.
    I don't have a garden, but since the tobacco fumes have been banned fro my house my plants are finally finding a will to live, so I am growing baby plants.

    1. I'm starting to think that the bulb idea might not work this year around. It's far too wet out there and I really have left it very late. I might just do the same as you and grow some baby plants indoors instead.
      Either way I'm taking the warm and fuzzy feelings I had saved up for last month (and didn't use due to having the plague) and spreading them about in January. It's liberating! x


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