Saturday, 28 December 2013

Will this be the last post in which I mention illness in 2013?

When I hit publish on my last post, I must admit I felt a little guilty. Not as a mum, (for once), but as a business owner. Instead of working hard promoting, selling and posting out my wares, I took the selfishly lazy route and played hooky instead. I told myself that I would make up for it next year and that I deserved it as we've both had a tough couple of months. I felt I deserved a well earned rest and what better time to do it than December, when I could enjoy the festive run up to Christmas with my family and eat my weight in cheese.


However, shutting the shop early turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If I hadn't done it when I posted my last update, I would've been forced to less than a week later due to a rather nasty cold which soon turned into a very nasty sinus infection.
December, if I'm honest, has been a bit of a wash out. 

We did end up having a really lovely Christmas though. I finally got shot of the infection after two rounds of antibiotics, just days before Christmas and by that time, simply feeling healthy again was all the gift I needed. 
We spent it with family, I'd lost a little bit of weight over the previous few weeks, but thanks to various Christmas cheeses, managed to find them all again (and a few more to boot) in no time at all.

So while I felt guilty at first for not working over Christmas, it turns out that I didn't have a choice anyway.

Thankfully as it stands, we are all (once again), lurg free. I realise I may have just jinxed this, but I'm standing by it nonetheless. Dan's fine, I'm fine, the wee one is fine. All is fine. We are very lucky, the three of us. Our lives may be far from perfect, but we have so much that others don't. Our health being just one of those things. 

And hey, on the bright side I suppose you were saved from the inane Christmas witterings I threatened you all with in my last post. 

Next year then. Just you wait.

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