Sunday, 4 August 2013

The penny pinching grinds to a halt..

I've touched on our financial troubles on this blog before. We are not in serious financial difficulty and for that I am very grateful.

Nevertheless things could be better. And by better I mean, my bloody husband could get on board with me a little bit more. Whenever I read blog posts sharing tips or stories about the various ways the writer saves money, I find myself turning in to a bit of a green eyed monster.
They always appear to have the support of their family. Their partners are on the same page as them and it's a joint effort. I've yet to come across a blog written by someone trying to sort out their finances whilst their partner scuppers their best efforts by overspending, not saving and relying on overdrafts. That right there is the position I currently find myself.

If we were both on the same page, Dan and I could sort ourselves out in a matter of months, we could put money aside for a rainy day and start making a real dent on our joint loan.
Instead however, we have nothing put aside for a rainy day*, the loan continues to be paid at the minimum amount each month and we are left often bickering about money.

We have made changes. We shop at a budget supermarket, we're selling stuff we don't need (well I am) and we both agreed that I should look after his bank card to stop him spending money when he's bored. Unfortunately, he often goes off and does his own thing anyway. Like when he took his card to buy some contact lenses, something he needed admittedly....and then proceeded to buy himself some new football boots.
Or like today when he came home saying he may have been caught by speed camera. Only a couple of months after being caught by the same one on the same fecking road!
Also this month we have a washing machine that needs fixing, a car that's going in for a minor repair, two weddings (one that includes travel and hotel expenses) and a trip to Wales to see my family who I haven't seen since last get the picture.

Nope. I have never seen a blog written by someone who badly wanted to sort out their finances, but couldn't because their partner was rubbish at budgeting.

So maybe I'll be the first.

*Not strictly true, we have the piggy bank in the photo above. It's a start I guess.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst this blog post sounds like I'm annoyed with my husband..well I am. Come on, TWO speeding tickets??! Nevertheless I love him and his heavy right foot very much. That is all.


  1. I am Dan! But as HisNibs says to me, I'd be fucked if he wasn't there sorting out the money. I closed my personal bank acc and now we have a joint one so I can't spend in secret any more. Every month is still a struggle though. x

    1. Haha, there's always one! Not long after I wrote this post, we found out we need to buy a new car as well.

      Excuse me while I go and beat my head against the wall...

  2. I am just like Dan...although as I get older I try harder. Money is the most frustrating thing ever! And probably the most fought about in relationships;)


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