Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer catch up

I've left it far too long since my last post as we haven't got up to much. We're incredibly skint at the moment so there's been no summer holiday or festivals for us this year *cries*. So far my summer in a nutshell has consisted of keeping Pip entertained and cool, sewing and stuffing my face with fruit, Pimms and ice creams. That and wishing that we lived somewhere else, but that's a post for another day. For now here is a quick photo dump of my summer so far.

 Personally I am loving this heat. I think I'm the only one, but we so rarely get decent summers so I refuse to complain about it.

Although, sometimes it got too hot to play so collapsing is the game of choice.

Having given up on ever being able to sew in my sewing room, this desk has become my portable studio.

One of the dresses I've made, to be listed soon.

Watching Alessi's independence grow everyday. Running and exploring are her favourite things.

Having a visit from my favourite Dutch girl. Come back E!

Watching Alessi make friends with the animals at the local farm. We need a goat.

Car boot sales. The one this morning was an absolute bust, but sometimes you can unearth the odd treasure.

Ice creams, lollipops and..

Eton messes!

Pumpkin peeking.

They'll be pumpkin pie this year. So happy.


  1. Oh I love that yellow dress. Also slightly confused (and hugely impressed) about how you manage to make 'incredibly skint' look so glamorous!

    1. You think I make it look glamorous? Aw wow thank you! :D
      Although things are becoming less and less glamourous by the day I must admit.

      The Pimms I mentioned was left over from last year and has now gone, waaaah! The dress fabric I buy using cash from previous orders and the clothes you see Pip wearing? Hand outs. The uber cool tie-dye one she's wearing in one of those pics is actually from Charlotte, it used to be L's! I just love that woman.

      But yeah, it's a challenge this thrifty living lark eh? You're doing so well though, I use you as inspiration to try harder. :) x


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