Tuesday, 5 March 2013

And breathe

It feels so good to finally say that it's spring time. Today it certainly felt it too. The sun was shining and the air was fresh, but warm. I decided to sit out in the conservatory and have a cuppa as it was so nice. When I looked up I noticed that my grapevines have started to bud. On closer inspection, so have the wisteria plants. My plans for a green canopy have begun..

Grapevine leaves
A little bit of wisteria
Hopefully by summer, the roof will be covered!
The warmer weather has also made for some happy hens. Margot here has been particularly unhappy of late. She started moulting a few weeks back and was a bit over zealous with it. I got quite worried, but a few days of sun and free roam of the garden has put her back on track.

As soon as I clean out the coop, these two have just GOT to come in for an inspection.

And if you needed further proof that spring was here, look! We have eggs again! 

Courtesy of Maureen, clearly satisfied with my cleaning efforts.

Margot and Hen enjoying a dust bath in the sun. 
Primroses brightening up the conservatory.
Days like these are good for the soul.

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